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Morning Buzz: January 31

Posted at 10:00 AM, Jan 31, 2022

1. Cruise ships will visit Muskegon again this summer after stops were canceled for two years due to the pandemic.

The Muskegon Chronicle reports 17 stops are planned for this summer, and more could be planned in coming years.

Muskegon had busy cruise ship seasons scheduled before COVID-19 canceled plans. The cancelations had an impact in Muskegon County, where tourism is a more than $300 million industry.

The Season, the first cruise ship, is scheduled to stop on June 7.

2. The Super Bowl is set and fans in Los Angeles are celebrating.

The Los Angeles Rams won the NFC Championship, defeating their in-state rivals, the San Francisco 49-ers by a score of 20-17. This win puts them in the Super Bowl for the fifth time in franchise history, and the second time in the last four seasons.

Led by a 337 yard, two-touchdown effort from former Detroit Lions Quarterback Matthew Stafford, and a dominant defense, the Rams were able to send their hometown crowd home happy.

The Rams will stay at home when taking on the AFC Champion Cincinnati Bengals in Super Bow 56 on February 13 at So-Fi Stadium.

3. Free Pizza! Digiorno Pizza announced it will once again give out free pies during the Super Bowl.

For another year, the no-delivery company will create the long-awaited event with customers.

Those who want a chance to win have to sign up online between February 6-13.

The rules are simple: If at any point of the game the score mirrors the first three numbers of pi (3.14), fans will have the chance to win a free box of Digiorno.

The winner will receive a redeemable coupon for their complimentary pizza.

Head to Digiorno's website to find out other ways to win.

4. They're already a staple here in West Michigan, and now Hudsonville Ice Cream is kicking it up a notch, offering seven different "Little Debbie's Classics" in ice cream form.

Flavors include oatmeal creme pies, zebra cakes, and honey buns. They hit the shelves exclusively at Walmart on Tuesday.

5. It's National Bubble Wrap Day.

Two engineers came up with the contraption in 1956 when they sealed two shower curtains together. The technique they used caused air bubbles to form.

The pair figured it would make pretty cool wallpaper, but that idea never took off. Instead, they decided to sell it as greenhouse insulation. It was named Air Cap, and in 1961, IBM used it to protect one of its early computers when shipping.

The bubble wrap we know today was born, partially thanks to big tech.