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Morning Buzz: January 20

Posted at 9:38 AM, Jan 20, 2022
and last updated 2022-01-20 09:38:08-05

1. The Biden Administration is taking several steps to combat the latest COVID surge.

More than 400 million N95 masks are being distributed nationwide.

Those will be available at no cost to Americans starting next week at Pharmacies and community health centers.

2. 1,000 potential new jobs are on the way to Holland. LG Energy Solution is promising to invest $1.5 billion into an expansion there.

The company hopes to secure a Renaissance zone, which means lower taxes for 20 years.

If given the green, LG plans to build another million square feet onto its existing building on 146th avenue on the city's southwest side.

It's all to expand its lithium-ion battery manufacturing for electric vehicles.

The state is providing incentives for the project including $10 million specifically to support affordable housing in the Holland area. Now the city is looking at a rezoning measure next Monday.

The public can weigh in at their meeting on the 2nd. If all goes through, those jobs would come to the area by 2025.

3. Escape the cold and spice up your weekend, Spicy Saturday returns to the Downtown Market for its fourth year.

It's a Saturday-only event from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. featuring hot items and other sizzling specials.

One featured item sure to make your mouth water is The Melt (Your Face) Down, which is a spicy Calabrian chili salami and spicy jalapeno tomato jam added to Aperitivo's classic meltdown grilled cheese sandwich.

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4. Did you know January 22 is National Hot Sauce Day?

Instacart, the online grocery delivery company, charts what Americans like around the country.

A few key sauces emerge like Huy Fong Sriracha and Frank's Red Hot is the top pics, including right here in Michigan.

Who eats the most by weight? North Dakota, New Mexico, and Colorado are the top three.

Then Hawaii, Iowa, and Arkansas keep their taste buds cool the most.

5. Say cheese!! Grab a fondue set, order a cheese pizza, or one of America's favorites, mac and cheese, because America is celebrating all things cheesy today. It's National Cheese Lover's Day!

We don't know when cheese-making started, but according to the National Day Calendar, the earliest record of the goodness dates back to 5500 BCE.

Cheese has a special place in Americans' hearts and diets. The nutritional value of cheese varies depending on the variety. For example, cottage and mozzarella cheese usually have a lower fat content while mascarpone and cream cheese pack it on.

There are apparently over 1,400 varieties of cheese.