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Morning Buzz: February 25

Posted at 9:53 AM, Feb 25, 2022
and last updated 2022-02-25 09:53:42-05

1. Kate Moynihan and her painting "Bursting With Color" were chosen as the 2022 Tulip Time Poster.

Her oil depiction of a bright, multi-colored tulip shows the beauty and diversity of, not just Holland's flowers, but of Holland's people.

More than 100 pieces were entered into the competition. This is Moynihan's first year as the competition winner and her second year as the artist behind the official Tulip Time poster artwork.

The festival starts Saturday, May 7, and ends Sunday, May 15.

2. Country music legend Garth Brooks is heading back to the Midwest.

As part of his stadium tour, he will be performing at Notre Dame Stadium in South Bend on Saturday, May 7. It's the only stadium he will visit in the Indiana, Illinois, and Michigan areas.

Tickets will go on sale at 10 a.m. today through Ticketmaster. No doubt they will sell out quickly, so it's recommended that you create an account ahead of time to make sure everything is all set up.

You can virtually get in line right now. There is an eight-ticket limit, and all tickets are priced at $94.95.

3. Children in Muskegon Heights have been getting some hands-on lessons in Black History.

Kids at TIna Tots Daycare are dressing up as Notable Figures. The children were able to pick out who they wanted to dress up like, whether it was Ms. Tina Turner, Etta James, or Benjamin Davis.

This is the second year the daycare has done these types of history lessons.

Today the class will be talking about Tiger Woods and Jackie Robinson. Last year, when Fox 17 spoke with Tina, she ran the business out of her basement.

This year, she's expanded into a former elementary school, and still has room for more kids.

4. Lent begins next week, and one of America's largest beer producers is rolling out a blessed beer.

Coors is calling their new creation, Coors Almighty Light. The company says Coors Almighty is made with real blessed water to "ward off demons and keep your soul safe."

Their website claims the limited batched is blessed by an ordained minister. The new product is a part of a team-up with The Foo Fighters to promote the band's new horror movie, "Studio 666."

5. Today is National Skip the Straw Day.

The National Day Calendar says students at a Michigan middle school came up with the unofficial holiday in 2017. It falls on the fourth Friday in February.

The students apparently wanted to encourage Americans to give up a habit causing damage to the world's ecosystem.

The National Park Service reports Americans to use 500 million drinking straws a day.

Those plastic straws can end up harming birds, fish, and other marine life if they mistake the items for food.