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Meet Friday's Friend and learn more about upcoming Humane Society of West Michigan events

Posted at 10:21 AM, Feb 26, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-26 10:21:33-05

This week’s featured pet is Sassy, a sweet senior lady who has won over the heart of anyone

who’s had the opportunity to meet her--fosters and staff alike!Her foster mom says “Sassy is the cuddliest cat I’ve ever fostered. She loves being petted all over, including belly rubs. She will start to purr as soon as I say her name or walk towards her! She also LOVES being picked up and held, and carried like a baby. She sleeps snuggled up against me on my bed and also likes to sleep in her soft cat bed, especially if it’s placed somewhere high up. Sassy LOVES catnip too! She’s very energetic and curious for her age, you’d never know she’s 15 years young!”If you'd like to give this golden girl her furever home, please visit our website at

]Freaking Out Fido Seminar

Is your dog sensitive to noise? Clings to you like Velcro? Afraid of people new places, the car, etc? Then you should sign up for our Freaking Out Fido Seminar!
Learn how to recognize the subtle and not-so-subtle ways your dog is trying to say help me! We explain methods of calming your dog and ways to teach him to be brave. This is a practical guide for you and your freaking out Fido!
Sign up through today join us for our next seminar held on Saturday, March 6th!

PCC & Two Scott’s Barbeque
Paws, Claws & Corks is swiftly approaching, and we can't wait any longer to share some of the fun details of our event with you!
Paws, Claws & Corks will be a hybrid event this year--meaning that while the program and the auction will be virtual. Guests will still be spoiled with several in-person engagement opportunities, including a takeout dinner from one of our favorite local restaurants!

HSWM is excited to announce their first restaurant partner, Two Scotts Barbecue! They're going to be offering their signature sliced brisket, pulled pork, mac & cheese, smoked beans, mini corn muffin, sliced pickles & barbecue sauces! Thank you Two Scotts Barbeque for supporting pets in need in West Michigan!

If you'd also like to support the cause, (and treat yourself to a delicious free meal) visit the event page below to learn more and purchase your tickets today!

“What breed of dog is that?”
Adopters are always asking us what breeds our rescue pups are, and HSWM always give them an honest answer--they don't know, but can guarantee they're 100% cute!

Trying to identify dogs (or any animal, for that matter!) by their looks alone is a nearly impossible task, as only 1% of an animal's DNA makes up their appearance. So instead of guessing their breed and being wrong, as a shelter, we've decided to accurately label all of our dogs as 'mixed breeds'!

As an organization that deals with pets every day, HSWM also find that breed has much less to do with behaviors, but more to do with a dog's personality and life experiences. Instead of focusing on breed, they help guide adopters to the perfect pet by always being transparent about a pet’s individual personalities, physical and emotional needs, and what type of home they might flourish in!

World Spay Day
World Spay Day was this past Tuesday, and we’d like to help bring awareness to spaying and neutering your pets!

World Spay Day reminds us to celebrate how far animal welfare has come, and all of the good that comes from spaying and neutering your pets! It may seem harsh to some, but getting your pet fixed prevents millions of unwanted animals from living on the streets without homes or food or being killed in over-crowded shelters all over the world.

HSWM would also like to take this opportunity to thank their FANTASTIC vet staff for all of the love and care they take with each pet they fix, making sure they're all safe, healthy, and heal up afterward. Thank you all so much!