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Harvest + Harmony uses locally sourced-Michigan products for soaps and beyond

Posted at 10:58 AM, Feb 25, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-25 10:58:29-05

Growing up as a sixth generation farm girl, Julie Armock is a 6th generation farm girl raised on a fruit farm in Michigan’s Apple Country. The area she grew up in is called ‘The Ridge’ as it sits high geographically in an area that was formed by glaciers.

She now owns a company called Harvest + Harmony that features cold batch, traditionally crafted soaps and scrubs that clean and nourish for a wholesome and indulgent experience that can be incorporated into everyday life.

Not only does this line of handcrafted beauty products include locally sourced ingredients, the traditional “cold-pressed” soap making process ensures that the nourishing oils found in the bars remain intact to provide a rich, therapeutic lather. Harvest + Harmony adds another unique touch by incorporating a mixture of dried flowers and essential oils into each bar of soap.

The lush body scrubs are formulated with natural and sustainably sourced ingredients made in small batches. Perfect for a variety of skin types, these gentle yet effective exfoliators, buff away dead skin to reveal smooth and glowing results.

In the wave of a global pandemic, when hand washing is so vital, Harvest + Harmony provides a solution that not only helps keep people safe but allows a nourishing and luxurious experience that provides comfort and soothes dry skin, leaving hands revitalized and moisturized.

In addition to utilizing local West Michigan farms, dried flowers are provided by a Michigan Native Bee Habitat Garden and essential oils come from Health Hutt.

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