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Klompstra family wants 'truth, answers' in search for missing 18-year-old son

Posted at 10:18 PM, Feb 26, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-27 03:19:23-05

COOPERSVILLE, Mich. — It has now been two months since 18-year-old Hunter Klompstra went missing, last seen at a New Year's Eve party held in Coopersville.

Family says no one saw him walk away. They aren't sure if he left on foot from the party or perhaps got a ride.

"From what all of his friends say, whenever Hunter would leave somewhere, he would say goodbye to everyone," said Sam, Hunter's dad. "Even if he was drinking, he would still say goodbye to people and shake their hands and tell them he was going to see them later. That didn't happen that night."

Sam says his son "disappeared," which is out of character for the teen who usually called if he planned to stay at a friend's house or had plans.

In the two months since Hunter has been missing, family has organized multiple searches. Law enforcement has also searched the nearby river using various resources: drones, sonar technology and k9's. Beyond that, multiple foot searches have been done.

As the water had receded, Sam had hoped they would find any trace of Hunter. As the months have passed, no answers have come.

"I was talking with the detective the other day, and he's got so many silent observer tips, and even if they are way out there, he still has to investigate them," said Sam. "So that's taking away from what he could be investigating more."

Family says hundreds of tips have come in. Some of them have turned out to be false. Others have turned out to be rumors.

"We appreciate the tips if they are honest, if they are truthful," said Sam.

Hunter's father continues looking near areas where Hunter was last seen weekly, if not daily.

"I want him to be alive," said Sam. "I can't say he is gone without having proof, and I never will."