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Reward offered for information in dog's shooting death

Posted at 9:37 PM, Dec 23, 2019

CEDAR SPRINGS, Mich. — A family from Cedar Springs wants to know who shot their dog and why.

The Hradsky's say their dog, Red, was a stray they took in about 9 weeks ago.

"He was in bad shape," said Charlie Hradsky. "We fed him for a couple days and then he would come back. He eventually stuck around. We fattened him up. He played with the kids and loved our other dog, but he would always wander off because he was a stray."

On Friday, Red wandered off and never made it home, which was unusual because he typically returned within a few hours.

On Sunday, the family found the dog near their home, dead from a bullet wound.

"It's pretty heartless and cruel," said Hradsky.

The dog was found without its collar on, which Hrasky finds unusual.

"I don't think he was attacking or anything or causing any trouble," said Hradsky. "If he was, he wouldn't have been there without a collar and we would have heard about it. There was a name on there and a phone number. It seems an honest person would have shot him because he needed it. They would have contacted us."

Hradsky believes someone shot the dog with a handgun, within close range. An autopsy is being done by Kent County to confirm exactly what happened.

There is also a reward offered over Facebook for any information about what happened to the dog.