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Paramedic finds out she has a tumor while helping with COVID 19 in NYC

Posted at 4:50 PM, May 14, 2020

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — Hannah Hodges has worked as a paramedic and EMT for the last decade.

When the call came to go to New York City to help with the COVID-19 pandemic, she answered.

“A lot of EMTS and paramedics out there had gotten really sick,” Hannah Hodges said.

She had just started working part time in order to finish up her schooling at Grand Valley State University.

That meant she lost her health insurance coverage. Bad timing, because Hannah started experiencing back pain.

While helping fight COVID-19 in NYC, Hannah started seeing a chiropractor, who suggested she get an MRI.

She paid out of pocket for the scan, and says it's a good thing she did.

“They were like yeah, you have a big tumor on your spine, and I wasn’t expecting that news at all,” Hannah Hodges said.

The tumor takes up 99% of her spinal canal.

“I cried and called my mom like anyone would,” Hodges said.

Hannah says she's glad she listened to her gut instinct. She's having surgery on Saturday to remove the tumor and confirm whether or not it's cancer.