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Grandville man begins documenting 365 days of consecutive workouts

Armin Alisic beginning a year-long YouTube journal
Posted at 2:35 PM, Aug 02, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-02 14:35:14-04

GRANDVILLE, Mich. — Armin Alisic has spent the past five years devoting himself to fitness. In fact, last month, Alisic quit his full-time job to pursue a career as a personal trainer.

"I had to sit down with myself and say, 'Okay, what do I really want to do?'"

As indoor gyms have remained closed across the state, Alisic is now taking his workouts to YouTube, hoping to motivate others around him.

"I'm trying to set a big goal for myself in creating this YouTube channel," he said, "I'm working out every day for a whole year."

The 26-year-old Grandville resident is a week in to that lofty goal as he continues to document to his clients and subscribers how he feels every day.

"I greatly understand you need rest days and you need to let your body chill out," Alisic admitted, "but I've been creating little goals for myself for five years and I've shattered them. I felt like I really needed to challenge myself."

Like many people around the state, Alisic has struggled with indoor gyms being shut down.

"The gym is a safe haven for a lot of people, I know it is for me. When I had a tough day at work, I was looking forward to getting to the gym and releasing stress," he said.

He also says just because gyms are closed doesn't mean people can't stay active and that's what he's hoping to portray with his year-long YouTube videos.

"I want to show them that it's no problem that gyms are closed, you can still be active, it's summer time, get out there and push yourself."

You can follow along with his daily videos by clicking here or searching 'Astro Armin' on YouTube.