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Arctic blast, single digit wind chills, minor lake effect snow dominates the next two days

Posted at 7:13 PM, Dec 09, 2019

WEST MICHIGAN — After temperatures in the upper 40s to near 50 on Monday, it will be difficult to take the Arctic blast on Tuesday and Wednesday with temperatures stuck in the 20s. Unfortunately, that's only part of it. A stiff wind off the lake will generate wind chills in the teens on Tuesday and single digits on Wednesday.

Lake effect snow showers are likely on Tuesday and Wednesday, but only minimal amounts are expected along/west of U.S. 131. At a time when we should normally be seeing heavy lake effect measured in several inches, the air mass appears to simply be "too dry" for any appreciable or heavy snow. Take a look at the image below. We are anticipating snowfall totals THROUGH WEDNESDAY of about an inch or two along/west of U.S. 131. Perhaps some isolated higher amounts around three. That said, make sure to allow extra time and be careful on both Tuesday and Wednesday morning. Any snow that falls...no matter how minor, may create icy conditions with temperatures falling into the 20s. Only one inch of snow Monday morning in Des Moines, Iowa created an ice rink for drivers on the early morning commute as temperatures fell from 40 degrees to 20 degrees in just four hours.

Along with the brief blast of Arctic air, winds will be prevalent as well. The images below show our forecast model temperatures and wind chills. The bigger, whiter number is the actual air temperature, while the "WC" numbers are the wind chills. Note the time at the top of each image denoting the valid time. The first image below is valid for 6 A.M. Tuesday.

The next image is valid for 6 P.M. on Tuesday. Notice most wind chills are in the teens.

The core of the coldest air arrives on Wednesday. By Wednesday at 6 A.M., note the temperatures and wind chills below. Make sure to bundle up the kids at the bus stop!

The final image of our forecast temperatures and wind chills is valid for 6 P.M. Wednesday below.

By Thursday, our temperatures will already start climbing out of the deep freeze. Get the complete West Michigan forecast at www.fox17online.com/weather.