Wind, rain, warmth dominates our weather Thursday

Posted at 10:52 PM, Nov 20, 2019

WEST MICHIGAN -- We've been talking about this one for days! A strong, developing, moisture laden low pressure system coming out of the central United States will arrive in Michigan on Thursday and control our weather the entire day. Since we're on the front (or warm side of it), it will bring rain, lots of wind, and briefly warmer temperatures at 50 or better from Grand Rapids southward.

Below is what the storm appears like on the weather map. The image is valid for 6 A.M. Thursday. We may start the early morning commute dry, but rain develops area-wide by the end of the commute and continues through a good chunk of the day.

The next image below shows the system at 6 P.M. on Thursday. Notice most of the rain has pressed off to the north/east by this time.

Let's talk precipitation amounts. The lightest amounts are expected to be south/east of Grand Rapids around .25". Around Grand Rapids and vicinity, .40" to .50" is likely. The heaviest amounts will occur north/west of Grand Rapids on the order of .50" to .75".  See total rainfall map below.

The other component of this system will be the wind. LAKESHORE FLOOD ADVISORIES are in effect for the immediate lakeshore counties for strong winds driving wave heights to around 6 to 10 feet. That means erosional surf and flooding in low lying areas are likely.

Below are the forecast wind speeds from our weather model. The bigger, whiter numbers are sustained winds over a two-minute period. The "G" numbers are the gusts. Both are in mile per hour. The image below is valid for noon on Thursday.

The next wind image below is valid for 6 P.M. on Thursday. These should start tapering off Thursday evening/night.

Another stronger, windier storm may be in the forecast for Michigan next week Tuesday and Wednesday. Make sure to stay up on later forecasts. Get the latest at