Homeowner forced to gut bedroom after storm’s rain damage

Posted at 9:07 PM, Sep 12, 2019
and last updated 2019-09-16 21:31:52-04

ADA, Mich. – Cleanup is ongoing after Wednesday’s storm that damaged hundreds of homes and properties in the area.

SERVEPRO crews were removing the walls, carpet and insulation from one master bedroom from a home in Ada.

Multiple crews were at different sites working with people impacted by the storm.

“It’s all seek and destroy,” said Ed Harris with SERVPRO.

Crews used equipment capable of thermal detection to find any spots that got wet during the storm.

“It was a wall of rain,” said Jimmy Keller, who owns the home. “You couldn’t see anything after that. We went inside and obviously everyone was kind of freaking out.”

Once the rain cleared, Keller’s roof was damaged along with the interior walls of the bedroom, parts of the kitchen and possibly some cabinets.

“It’s been an experience for sure,” said Keller.

Crews spent hours removing materials from the home on Thursday. They packed away dozens of bags filled with insulation, drywall, carpet and other materials.

This is the reality for many people throughout areas hit by the storm. Cleanup will likely last weeks as homeowners continue to assess and fix the damage.