Growing concerns about drivers not stopping for school busses

Posted at 10:27 PM, Sep 09, 2019

ROCKFORD, Mich. — It’s early morning. Maybe early afternoon. That time of day when the school bus comes rolling down the street. You hear the loud crushing sound of the air break. The stop sign flicks out from the side of the bus. It’s official: the kids are home from school.

But there’s a growing problem with this daily routine for people who live near Rockford.

People aren’t stopping for the school bus.

“Well, it should be very simple. Cars should know when to stop when the lights are on,” said Sherri Hall, a mom from Rockford.

It’s especially dangerous on two lane roads like the one Hall lives off of with her kids.

Similar to nearby Cannonsburg Road, also a two-lane road.

One mom captured video of her kids getting on and off the school bus, with drivers not stopping for the bus.

Oncoming traffic has to stop for the bus, or they face some pretty steep fees, according to the law.

“A violation could be anywhere from $250-$500 fine, and three points on your record,” Sgt. Joel Roon with the Kent County Sheriff’s Office said.

They say they’re aware of the problem and resident’s concerns, and made this video for tips about what to do.