73 dogs in path of Hurricane Dorian sent to Michigan shelters

Posted at 4:51 PM, Sep 03, 2019

OLIVE TOWNSHIP, Mich. — Dozens of dogs once in the path of Hurricane Dorian have made their way to Michigan, seven of which are waiting for adoption at Harbor Humane Society.

The call to send the 73 dogs from Florida and the Bahamas to Michigan was last minute, but the staff at Harbor Humane Society were ready.

The seven dogs sent to the West Olive shelter are all medium or large dogs that are mostly mixed breeds.

“Kind of just you know, your all-American shelter pet is what we call them," executive director Jen Self-Aulgur said.

In addition to clearing animal shelters in the path of a hurricane, this also makes room for the pets that will be separated from their families during the storm.

“I had an email Saturday and then saying they’re coming Sunday, so we kind of logistically had to put everything together, figure out transportation," Self-Aulgur said.

Though it's a last-minute process, Harbor Humane Society has a protocol in place for taking care of these dogs.

“They got some extra play time, extra cuddles and things like that yesterday but actually, I mean you wouldn’t know the difference walking through the kennels that this one just flew from Florida versus this one just you know, got dropped off," Self-Aulgur said.

Self-Aulgur has seen her fair share of hurricane intakes. She assisted shelter animals during hurricanes Harvey and Katrina.

“When it kind of happens, it happens," Self-Aulgur said. "I mean, we’re always, when we know that these storms are coming, we kind of pre-prepare ourselves.”

Many of the dogs will be available for adoption by Wednesday.

The shelter is holding an adoption special from Tuesday through Saturday. Details can be found on the shelter's website.