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Game On! as Kirk Cousins returns to Holland Christian

Posted at 11:33 PM, May 17, 2019

HOLLAND, Mich--- Kirk Cousins returned to his alma matter Holland Christian to host his 7 on 7 Game On! charity event for the fourth time in the last five years, taking on Hudsonville Unity Christian. Cousins said "It is fun to come back. Anytime I can get back to Holland and to this school and to my close friends it is a great chance for me to connect with old memories. I love this school, I love the way it impacted my life and my families lives and we are excited for a great night it's been a win-win for the schools involved every year."

Money from the event goes to the Julie & Kirk Cousins Foundation, Benjamin’s Hope and Compassionate Heart Ministries, but for Cousins it's still a competitive environment, "It doesn't look to good to come back to my hometown and lose a charity football game and I said that last night, I wouldn't be coming back if it was just a joke, the fact that it's a true competition and it's going to get intense is part of what it makes it so fun." said Cousins.

The game itself was an exciting back and forth affair with the Crusaders and Maroons trading touchdowns and the lead back and forth throughout the course of the game. Holland Christian trailed late but Cousins helped drive the Maroons down before hooking up with fellow Holland Christian alum Kyle Steigenga for a touchdown that gave the Maroons a 45-44 win.