Our soggy week continues through Thursday

Posted at 9:57 PM, Apr 29, 2019
and last updated 2019-04-30 08:39:45-04

WEST MICHIGAN -- As we've been outlining the past few days, this week will be on the wet side. We've already tallied between .50" and .75" of rain on Monday across much of the area, now a second round of wet weather will likely arrive late Tuesday afternoon. That means conditions should remain mainly dry Tuesday morning and through early afternoon.

Take a look at our forecast model below...valid for 6 P.M. Tuesday. A low pressure system and warm front will approach from the south and west. This will likely trigger another round of showers...and probably thunderstorms as early as Tuesday late afternoon. It will continue Tuesday evening/night, and into at least the first part of Wednesday.

The forecast model image below is valid for 6 A.M. Wednesday and shows the approaching warm front (red line) and still some showers and thunderstorms in the area.

The next model image below is valid for 6 P.M. Wednesday. Notice the red line (or warm front) has lifted through the area and will move our surface temperatures into the mid 60s...despite the clouds and rain. The large yellow area that is visible across the Lower Great Lakes and into southern Michigan is a MARGINAL RISK for severe weather on Wednesday from the Storm Prediction Center. While our chance of severe weather is NOT zero, it is fairly low.

The final map below is valid for 6 A.M. Thursday and still shows the system hanging around the region. That means we'll maintain at least the chance of showers and lingering thunderstorms into Thursday morning. The afternoon looks dry at this point.

Our final forecast model map below is the TOTAL precipitation being forecast for this entire event (Through Thursday). These amounts are on top of what already fell on Monday.

Keep the umbrella handy this week. We are expecting mostly sunny to partly cloudy, dry days on both Friday and Saturday. Click over to for the complete forecast.