Police: Man was at wrong school to pick up students

Posted at 12:54 PM, Feb 28, 2019

WYOMING, Mich– The man who was subject of a public alert, went to the wrong school to pick up students.

Wyoming Police say the man was asked by a friend to pick up her brothers from Hope Academy in Grand Rapids on Wednesday, February 27. But he went to San Juan Diego Catholic Academy in Wyoming. Coincidentally, the academy also had students with similar names.

School employees tried to confirm he was authorized to pick up the boys, and when he suddenly left, they contacted police.

He later told officers it was only after asking academy staff about picking the boys up that the man realized his mistake. Police say he left without telling employees about the error.

Investigators say if the man had stayed at the academy and explained the situation, then the staff may have never grown suspicious.

Police thank the academy’s employees, and the public for the immediate response.