The wild and whacky from Michigan’s record breaking cold

Posted at 10:39 PM, Jan 31, 2019
and last updated 2019-01-31 22:39:56-05

MICHIGAN – The past few days have brought once-in-a-lifetime cold temperatures to the Midwest, and people in Michigan are embracing it, despite the danger, for a laugh.

Take Grand Valley State University triathlete Brandon VanOosten. A little snow and subzero temps didn’t put a dent in his training regimen, diving head first into a snowbank and completing all three abbreviated legs of his mini practice race.

In Wayland, Mr. Sweet’s class at Steby Elementary read their way to a worthy reward after the teacher asked for photos of the students reading. The payoff: Sweet doing a snow angel with no shortage of enthusiasm.

Someone on the north side of Grand Rapids didn’t need a hill to put their skis to work – only an SUV. In tow, the SUV pulls the unknown skier up and down the street, later utilizing the piled up plowed snow on the roadside as a jump.

And in Burton, a young Kroger employee used his car too – but for work, not fun. All by himself and stifled by an unplowed lot, the determined worker used a rope to hook the long line of carts to his vehicle for a one-shot way to easily get them all back inside.

Be safe and stay warm! Remember, frost bite can set in in only a matter of minutes.