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Seminar to help parents dealing with hyperactivity in kids

Posted at 4:43 AM, Jan 21, 2019
and last updated 2019-01-21 06:38:28-05

KENT COUNTY, Mich. -- For parents who are dealing with loved ones who suffer from a neurological condition like attention-deficit or hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), caring for them, at times, can be difficult.

Perhaps their medication isn't working, or you were just hoping for better results.

Well, there may be another option out there you may not have considered, and you can learn more about it Tuesday night.

"The Perfect Storm" seminar is an ADHD sensory workshop designed to bring parents and families together to learn the role chiropractic care can play in your child's health.

We caught up with Dr. Dustin McIver at Northside Chiropractic, where he is holding the seminar.

“So, what you have to realize is chiropractic is not a cure for anything, said Dr. McIver. I’m trying to bring balance back to this nervous system, you know the job of the nervous system is to perceive the environment, coordinate the function of all of its cells, but it has to do that from a state of balance.”

If you are interested in attending the seminar, you can check out the link at Eventbrite and sign up.