Lost dog in Riverdale returned to owners after 3 months

Posted at 6:42 PM, Dec 14, 2018
and last updated 2018-12-14 22:26:37-05

RIVERDALE, Mich.-- After months of worrying, a couple in Riverdale is thrilled to have a member of their family back home in time for the holidays.

In September, Bob and Marybeth Calverley noticed that their 14-year-old black lab, Scout had gone missing. They live in a rural area and after about two weeks of searching, they lost hope. Since Scout had never run away before and because of his old age, they feared he had left to pass away peacefully, as many pets do.

When their daughter Haley woke up on Thursday, she was scrolling through her Facebook feed and stopped on a photo of a found black lab posted by the Humane Society of Mid Michigan.

“It’s been months but that looks exactly like Scout," says Haley.

She says she sent a message to the Humane Society of Mid Michigan and asked if that dog in the picture had bad hips and was wheezy, like Scout was. Sure enough, it was Scout.

“Fourteen years old is really old for a dog to just be wandering for three months," Haley says. "So we think that someone had to have either taken him in or just been feeding him.”

She says Scout has always been a huge part of their family and her parents are so relieved to have him home safe.

“They are over the moon, thrilled," Haley says. "They can’t believe that he’s back."