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Craft Corner: From oatmeal container to musical drum

Posted at 11:45 AM, Nov 02, 2018

At FOX 17 Morning Mix, we have what's known as the "Craft Closet". It's overflowing with tulle, fabric, ribbon and sometimes the "What is that doing in there?" sort of thing. Well, I noticed recently that we had several empty oatmeal containers. Off to Pinterest I went, searching to see what we could make out of them. I thought people with little ones would really (sarcasm) appreciate the homemade drums I found.

*Note: Kids might need help with the cutting portion of this project


*empty oatmeal, formula or coffee container

*string, twine or yarn


*hot glue gun

*scotch tape

*scrap fabric to cover container

*felt or scrap fabric to cover top and bottom of container

*something to poke small holes in felt/fabric

*beads (optional)


1.) Make sure the lid is secure on the oatmeal container. Lay it on its side, on top of fabric to figure out how much you will need to wrap around it. Cut that fabric and set to the side. You won't need to have the fabric come up over the ends of the oatmeal container because those will eventually be covered by felt.

2.) Stand your oatmeal container up on top of the felt. Going about one inch wider than oatmeal, trace a circle. You will do this process twice since you need felt for both ends of your drum. Cut out the circles.

3.) Use your hole punch, sharp knife, etc. to make about 8 small holes in each circle, about 1/4" from the edge of each one. Eventually you will be lacing your twine type material through those so you need the same amount for each circle.

4.) Time to cover the container. Secure one end of the fabric down on the oatmeal container. This will help it from slipping so you can then go around the top and bottom edges with glue gun to hold it in place permanently. Remember to keep your lid on!! It's okay for it to get glued down.

5) Now to put the felt/material on top and bottom of your container. Remember, you cut these circles bigger than they should be so they would hang over with the small holes in them for lacing purposes.  Place hot glue around the top rim. Secure the first circle. Repeat this step for the bottom.

6) The final  step is lacing your deserved choice of string up through one hole on the bottom and then up to one at the top. Secure the final one with a big knot. To add some fun flare, you can actually add beads onto your string as you lace, too.

Now it's time to make some awesome drum music!  Enjoy! We'd love to see your creations. Please make sure to share them on our FOX 17 Morning Mix Facebook page.