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Smart Shopper: Fall hacks for your home and wardrobe

Posted at 8:09 AM, Sep 06, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-06 08:09:40-04

Technically, it's not fall, but many of our minds start focusing on it once Labor Day passes. Soon, we'll be switching out the wardrobe in our closets and adding more fall-like scents in our home. Here are some fun hacks that won't break the bank. But before I jump into those, fall means homecoming, right? Right now through September 15, Between Brides, 3960 30th St SW, Grandville, MI, has 15 to 20 percent off homecoming and prom gowns! Already great prices on consignment and new gowns!

Tip #1: reuse Bath & Body Works Wallflower plug-ins: instead of throwing away the glass Wallflower bulb after the fragrance is gone, simply refill it with your own essential oils. With a small pair of pliers, you can pop the wick right out of the bulb, refill it, then push the wick back into place. Just be sure not to fill the oil all the way to the top! Very important!

Tip #2: Create no-slip hangers : the change of seasons means some home organizing. Many of us find ourselves dealing with the mess that has occurred in our closets. Instead of spending money on new, no-slip hangers, simply doe this. Simply wrap a pipe cleaner at the very ends of each hanger. Once the piece of clothing starts slipping, the pipe cleaners will hold it in place.

Tip #3: Use pop can tabs for hanger extenders : I don't know who thought of this, but it's genius. An easy way to make more room in your closet, is simply by putting a metal pop can tab over the hook on the hanger. This gives you another hole to put another hanger in, so you can double up the clothing on the same hanger.

Tip #4: Rough up clothing using a mini food grater : Clothing that looks a little worn is really trendy right now. Basically, stuff that looks like it's been worn for years is being sold brand new. To get on board with the trend, simply take a handheld food zester or microplane grater to the edges of your jeans or jean jackets. This will gave them a frayed edge!

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