Glover’s Heroes helps out breast cancer survivor

Posted at 11:52 PM, Aug 22, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-22 23:53:12-04

JENISON, Mich. -- Dozens of volunteers worked hard Wednesday for people who could really use a little extra help with projects and landscaping around the house.

It’s part of Glover’s Heroes Community Give Back Day, helping out area firefighters, police officers, EMTs, teachers, nurses and others.

One of the five people picked out of about 90 nominations is breast cancer survivor Sharon Aalderink. She has been in remission for 14 years, but is dealing with knee issues.

“It just got out of hand” she said about her yard and house projects. “I was just kind of spinning my wheels, I didn’t know where to start. I’d do a little bit of this and then I’d try a little bit of something else, and I never could finish anything.”

That’s where volunteers come in from Glover’s Heroes.

“She physically can’t get to landscaping like she used to be able to do," said organization founder Jeff Glover. "(The) deck needs to be redone, driveway needs to be redone, shutters need to be painted, there’s a lot of trim work that we’re doing here.”

Sharon worked as a teacher both full-time and as a volunteer in Allegan and Zeeland for decades. And the foundation wanted to give back.

“For us to be able to help people who’ve donated so much of their time, or put maybe a lot of time into something for not a lot of money back in return, that’s truly and honor for us to be able to do that," Glover said.

All the project money comes from donations and straight from Jeff Glover and Associates realtors.

“When people buy and sell real estate with us, we take a portion of our commission and put it into the Glover’s Hero’s pool," he explained, "and all of that money adds up each year, which allows us to go out to the community and do different projects like this.”

Even though volunteers are doing this for her, Sharon says she already thinking about how she’s going to pay it forward.

“I’m overwhelmed and very thankful and blessed. Whatever they need down the down the line, I’m gonna help them with it.”

If you would like to nominate someone who deserves a little extra help, visit the Glover's Heroes Website.