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Smart Shopper: Where to buy and save for back-to-school

Posted at 7:45 AM, Aug 16, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-16 07:45:32-04

Deep sigh everyone. Back-to-school time snuck up on families yet again. Still need just a few items or do you need everything? Two major things that FOX 17 viewers still had left to buy were: shoes and school uniforms.

So, I'll help out in that area along with comparing a couple of things to snag indefinitely at Dollar Tree and those to think a little more closely about. Want to compare prices right from your phone or computer? I can't stress enough how helpful can be. Highly suggest downloading the app!


Shoe Carnival: right now on their website, there are coupon codes that you can put on top of their buy-one-get-one half-off sale! For instance, through Aug. 20, you can get an additional 15 percent off. Make sure to click the link above to learn more. Also, whether you are in the store or looking online, always check the Clearance section first. Great places to shop online for shoes is zulily, along with Poshmark (gently loved and sometimes new)

*School Uniforms:

Burlington : In my house, if it's not from a thrift store then it probably came from Burlington. Man do they have some great deals and that's also true when it comes to school uniform necessities. Click here to check out their deals. This is also a great place to grab everything from backpacks to sneakers, too. Other stores with great uniform necessities are Old Navy and Children's Place


Colored pencils : Family Dollar, Staples and Rowland's Warehouse Surplus in Cedar Springs.

Pencils: 24 pack of #2 pencils at Dollar Tree

3 Subject Mead College Ruled Notebook: Dollar Tree (these go for upwards of $3 or more in some stores)

8 pack of glue sticks: Dollar Tree (most stores only give you 4 to 6 in a pack)

*Snack advice:

Before you get sucked into the convenience of individually packaged snacks for lunches, keep this little experiment I did in mind. I purchased a six-pack of Snyder's of Hanover pretzels from Dollar Tree. You get about 8 to 10 pretzels in half-ounce package. I then purchased a 12 ounce package of Pennysticks Brand pretzels from Dollar Tree along with sandwich baggies. By splitting up the big bag into smaller bags myself, I got almost twice as much for my money. Sure, it takes a bit of time, but something you could have the kids help with or do while watching television. It  really took me very little time just to do it myself.

I hope this helps many of you facing the back-to-school crunch. Need help finding other great deals or would you like to share some advice on ways that you save? Email me: