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Surprise! We go along as Candace Cameron Bure practices what she preaches

Posted at 11:51 AM, Apr 27, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-27 11:51:09-04

Many of us grew up watching her as D.J. Tanner on the series Full House. Beyond that, she can now be seen on Fuller House and was a cohost on The View.

But did you know that she is an author, too? Cameron was in Grand Rapids this past week for two book signings of her latest release, "Kind is the New Classy".

Growing up in the spotlight, she reveals the secret to what has helped her stay grounded in a very critical and opinionated world. In the book, she provides some great tips before reacting to a confrontational situation. Some main things you will walk away with, according to her book:

  • Keep your cool under pressure
  • Respond to criticism with grace
  • Stay grounded yet go places in life
  • Stay true to who you are despite the expectations of others
  • Stay centered in what ultimately matters the most

Being a woman of her word and practicing what she preaches with her whole heart, Candace jumped at the chance to let FOX 17 Morning Mix go along with her to the Salvation Army Kroc Center to surprise spinning instructor Shellie Silva, who recently beat Stage 3 Ovarian Cancer. Silva is known for practicing extreme kindness for her students, bringing them cake, balloons and treating them extra special on their birthdays.

So, in the middle of class, cameras rolling, the class was interrupted and out popped Candace with a basket full of her favorite fitness items, that she hand-picked, for Shellie! The class erupted with cheers! After a brief exchange, Candace didn't hesitate to hop on the bike for one song, too.

Afterwards, we sat down with her to talk about what inspired her to not only write the book, but take time to surprise Shellie. Watch the interview to see this heartwarming exchange.

Make sure to pick up her book, "Kind is the New Classy" online or in major retailers.