Morning Mix


Morning Buzz for Wednesday, April 25

Posted at 10:37 AM, Apr 25, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-25 10:37:57-04

Here's what people are talking about on this Wednesday:

1.) More than 9,500 local students from 85 districts will be at DeVos Place in downtown Grand Rapids for Michigan Works event called "Michigan Career Quest". They'll be able to talk with representatives from all types of fields to learn more about career options.

2.) Muskegon Area Robotics Team is competing  for the first time in the largest global championship held in Detroit. In just six weeks, they build robots from scratch and programmed them to lift and balance blocks. This four-day event is held at Cobo Center.

3.) A bill meant to clear up traffic confusion is now a law. Governor Rick Snyder signed the bill, which will require drivers to treat intersections like 4 way stops if the light is out. The old law required people to yield the right of way to the road with  more traffic.

4.) Google is upgrading gmail. This is the first revamp since 2011. Tweaks include new security features, like a pass code texted to someone before they open a message.

5.) Decreasing wine production means you could pay more for vino. According to the organization Vine and Wine, wine production worldwide hit its lowest levels in 60 years.  This is due to the lower than normal harvest in hot spots for wine grapes.