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Morning Buzz for Tuesday, March 27

Posted at 10:39 AM, Mar 27, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-27 10:39:26-04

A few things making headlines on this Tuesday that we think you'd like to know about.

1.) You could literally be throwing money away if you don't peek inside the Valpak coupons that come in the mail. The company said they have secretly placed $100 checks in some of the envelopes, with no strings attached! They sent out 36 last year and only eight ever got cashed.

2.) The John Ball Park egg hunt in Grand Rapids is this Saturday at 10 a.m. and they could really used donations of wrapped candy, cash or toys by Wednesday. Please reach out to John Ball Area Neighbors at 616-456-9190 or by email at You can also drop off items at Putt Putt's Bar, 1148 Fulton St.

3.) A building name change could be on the way for a science building at the University of Michigan. It's currently named after former university president Clarence Little, who served for four years in the 1920s. Some say that he loaned his expertise to groups in favor of selective reproduction along with doubting the link between smoking and cancer. The current president is in favor of the change and the board will vote on the matter this Thursday.

4.) Checking your work emails outside of work could soon be illegal in New York? The city council is set to introduce the bill this Thursday. Essential personnel like law enforcement and medical professionals would be exempt.

5.) You can buy just about anything at Walmart, including a car. They are expanding to a pilot program called "Carsaver". It connects buyers with dealerships, where they can get more information on buying, financing and insuring a vehicle.  This program is also aimed at helping those who are selling or trading in, too. It will be available nationwide at 250 stores and on its website.