DeShaun Thrower winning in 2 sports at Ferris State

Posted at 11:21 PM, Jan 17, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-17 23:21:47-05

BIG RAPIDS, Mich -- DeShaun Thrower is playing football and basketball at Ferris State and winning a lot along the way, 29-3 so far.

"It was fun, it kind of felt like high school all over again playing on a good team in both sports so it was fun" Thrower said.

In his prep days he led Muskegon High School to the division 2 state championship game as a quarterback on the football teams and the basketball to team the class A state title while winning Mr. Basketball.

"It is something special not too many athletes play both and if they do play both they are not playing on high level programs so it's special" Thrower added.

It's not easy to play 2 sports, for the player or the coaches but Ferris State has made it work.

"Not difficult at all just because of coach Annese and the football staff and just the willingness to do what's best for Deshaun that is what we decided right from the beginning is to do what is best for him" Ferris State head coach Andy Bronkema said. "We took him out of some of the decision making and as adult we made good decisions for him and yet we took his input and he is built for the dual sport action and so far so good."

DeShaun made it clear what his goals are for the basketball team.

"Win a national championship we were close to doing it in football we thought we had the team to do it." Thrower said. "Since I didn't do it in football I want to do it in basketball and then start it back up in football."

Thrower has 1 year of eligibility remaining after this season and says he plans to continue to play both sports.