“Move Over” the message from police after shocking accident video

Posted at 6:19 PM, Jul 05, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-05 18:19:04-04

WYOMING, Mich. --  One of the greatest dangers facing law enforcement in Michigan, may also be one of the easiest to prevent.

After the death of beloved Comstock Fire and Rescue Chief Ed Switalski, hit by a car while responding to a roadside accident, and a February incident of same nature that left Wyoming Officer Ryan Silvis badly hurt, now departments across the state are turning to a national campaign to help end the issue.

The Move Over campaign is a national effort that departments like Wyoming DPS are embracing – and they’re hoping local drivers will too.

“Things happen and we understand that, but when people slow down and they move over it’s going to be, obviously, less likely to happen,” said Lt. Mark Easterly with Wyoming DPS. “Slow down, move over.”

For Wyoming officers and many others around the country, the occurrence has become all too common. What Michigan drivers may not know though, is that moving over at least one lane for emergency crews is the law. Violators could face points on their license, various fines, or worse.

“As a supervisor it makes me upset that I’m putting my guys out there and they’re doing their jobs,” said Lt. Easterly. “And you always tell them make sure you’re watching behind you and what’s going on.”

“It’s not only law enforcement…if your car breaks down out there and you’ve got to get a wrecker out there or whatever it happens to be – a medical emergency – slow down, and move over.”

For more information on the Move Over campaign, click here or follow them on twitter @MoveOverMich