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Jordan Walker is Rewriting the Record Books at Mona Shores

Posted at 12:08 AM, Mar 02, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-02 11:05:41-05

Mona shores senior Jordan Walker has certainly left a mark on West Michigan. She`s led the sailors to an outright OK Black title this year and an undefeated home record. Plus she`s also broken the all-time scoring and assist record, but she`s not done putting in the hard work.

"What keeps motivating me is my team" Walker said. "They push me every single day. So for them I want to go hard and I want to win a state championship this year, so I know I have to do what I have to do. So if that`s a quadruple double, or if that`s two points and letting somebody else score 30, I just want to get there and I want to win."

Yes a quadruple double is one of her many accomplishments this season, undoubtedly raising the standards for those to come.

"You know, it`s good to have someone set the bar because Jordan`s just setting the bar for the next generation of players at Mona Shores and the players in the area too" Mona Shores head coach Brad Kurth said.  "So, I`m just happy that a kid with this much class and this much integrity and the type of person she is, can break the records because she is the kind of kid, that every kid should want to look up to and want to be."

"I mean there`s great players that have come before me and there`s great players coming after me, so be able to set the bar and to be able to break the bars that they`ve set, it definitely is a great feeling" said Walker.

And while the final chapter of Mona Shores season is still being written, they have a few ideas about what would be the perfect ending.

"I think that a state championship would be the best thing that could ever happen" Walker added.   "I`ve been dreaming about that since forever. I mean, Miss Basketball would amazing and a blessing too, but overall a state championship for my team would be awesome."

Jordan has definitely set the bar high here at Mona Shores, certainly motivating a lot of people around her in the process. Coach Kurth said she applies herself to just about everything she does whether it`s on the court or off.