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When it might be time to consider Joint Replacement Surgery

Posted at 10:54 AM, Jan 23, 2017

Joint pain can leave people struggling to do everything from get out of bed to tackling daily chores. Derek Francis sat down with Dr. Hassan Alosh from Spectrum Health Medical Group to talk about when to decide if Joint Replacement Surgery is right for them.

For basic knee pain without any injury or acute trauma, Dr. Alosh will start with anti-inflammatories, physical therapy, ice and elevation to see how that goes. A knee brace can also provide additional support. Doctors also offer artificial lubricant injections that go directly into the arthritic joint. These reoccur about every three months.

Dr. Alosh said that their philosophy is to get a person back to what they want to do, control the pain, without surgery because it's a win for the patient. However, if the arthritis is severe enough where those measures have failed, Dr. Alosh calls it compelling evidence for joint replacement surgery. Spectrum Health has a wide range of specialists, from those who deal with high school injuries to senior citizens, along with everything in between.

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Spectrum Health Medical Group, Orthopedics & Sports Medicine located 4100 Lake Drive SE, Suite 300, Grand Rapids, Mi. Their phone number is 616.267.8860. You can also visit them online