Crystal clear security footage leads to suspect’s prompt arrest

Posted at 6:37 PM, Dec 28, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-28 18:37:53-05

ALPINE TOWNSHIP, Mich. – If Swann Security is looking for some new poster children, a family in Alpine Township may be just right.

Outside their control, the family tested the company’s security cameras while they spent the holiday out of state…and boy did it work.

“We were out of town and got an alert on my cell phone,” said homeowner Jeremy, who didn’t want us to report his last name as the family is understandably still shaken up from the incident. “I reviewed it and I was baffled by seeing somebody entering my house.”

But at least Jeremy saw it. Police were quickly called and once Jeremy got back in town, he provided them with the footage he had – perhaps as crystal clear as you’ll ever see in terms of security camera video.

Wednesday morning, the Kent County Sheriff’s Department shared the video in a Facebook post, one that garnered over 4,000 shares and dozens of tips in the matter of a few hours. All this from video captured on a $100 camera purchased at a local Target.

“It did not let us down, I’m very impressed and very happy that we made that investment. Probably the best investment i could have made for the protection of my family,” said Jeremy.

In an update to their original Facebook post on the matter, police thanked the public for their help and announced they had arrested a suspect Wednesday, but would not release his name to FOX 17.

Even with the suspected burglar in custody, the break-in left the family jarred, but happy with the public response.

“You have to kind of just stop for a minute and think, ‘there’s somebody in my house, walking through my living room, touching my things. You don’t know why and you don’t know what he’s doing but he’s there,” said Jeremy’s wife, who also wished to remain anonymous.

“It’s reassurance that despite how uneasy and victimized you feel in a situation like this, to remember that you are surrounded by a community that is going to step up.”

Nothing was taken in the break-in. Stay connected to FOX 17 on air and online for the latest updates.