Cannonsburg not opening Pando Ski Park this season

Posted at 4:24 PM, Dec 12, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-12 18:43:36-05

ROCKFORD, Mich. - With snow now on the ground, winter sports season should be underway, but an anticipated reopening of a popular tubing and snowboarding hill won't be happening.

Last season, Cannonsburg Ski Area acquired Pando Ski Park in November 2015.  They closed the park, saying that they'll be reopening the site for the 2016/2017 season.

But, Cannonsburg officials confirmed to FOX 17 Monday that Pando won't be opening this season either.  They didn't give any other details as to why.

“Just temporary," said Danielle Musto with Cannonsburg. "We’re just establishing what we want Pando’s winter model to look like and hopefully we’ll be able to roll that out by next winter."

When Cannonsburg acquired Pando, they did so saying that they didn't want to see another local ski area closing. Cannonsburg is planning some warm-weather activities at Pando once the cold and snow clear out.

Cannonsburg is opening this weekend.