Grandville and Hudsonville to play for bragging rights and more Friday

Posted at 11:18 PM, Sep 15, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-15 23:19:08-04

HUDSONVILLE, Mich -- Grandville (3-0) plays at Hudsonville (3-0) in the Blitz game of the week Friday.

Grandville has cruised through its first three games beating Holt, Lansing Sexton and Grand Haven by an average of 42 points per game.  Friday figures to be much closer.

Connor Fischer says “It’s a great opponent, we haven’t really been tested this year so I am excited to go out there see what the team has, I know we are a good team this year and I think we have what it takes.”

The Eagles are coming off a hard fought win against a good East Kentwood team last Friday, now the challenge is playing another good team with a much different style.

Dave Lidgard says “You want to talk about contrasting styles, you’ve got East Kentwood spreading the field get you in one on one’s you’ve got to play sideline to sideline with their speed, great scheme then you play Grandville who just packs it in as tight as you can get power strong, disciplined they don’t make any mistakes so contrasting styles back to back weeks that is a challenge.”

This game starts a three week stretch for the Bulldogs where they play each of the other three OK Red teams that made the playoffs a year ago.  Hudsonville Friday, East Kentwood next week and Rockford in two weeks.

Connor Fisher says “We are just trying to take it week by week, we have one game this week against Hudsonville we will worry about the rest later but we have to take it to them and this is a game that we know we can win, it’s going to be a tough game but we definitely have what it takes and we are just trying to focus on this week, one week at a time.”

All the conference and potential playoff implications aside, this is a great rivalry and the bragging rights that come with a win are plenty to play for.

Dave Lidgard says "It's a Chicago Drive battle we have a lot of guys that play sports with these guys on other teams they know each other, it's a game with a lot of emotion a lot of familiarity.  Coach Stiegel has done a great job in resurrecting the Grandville football program, he's really got them playing well so it is a big game regardless of record and a pretty cool setting now that we are both off to a good start."

Eric Stiegel says "We were there a couple years ago and we won a game to get into the playoffs and clinch that the towns are ten minute apart it's going to be a packed house I have no doubt our fans are going to be there they will be there probably in equal numbers it's going to probably be standing room only game so I expect it to be a great atmosphere for the kids."