Welcome to the 46th anniversary of Earth Day

Posted at 11:47 AM, Apr 22, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-22 14:25:03-04

WEST MICHIGAN — 2016 Represents the 46 year anniversary of Earth Day. It began in 1970…a movement by many to bring awareness to the environment we breathe and live in. The goal each and every day, but especially today, is to plant trees to help cleanse the atmosphere of harmful carbon emissions and provide fresh air for the human race through photosynthesis. But is goes far beyond that. Anything you can do to help our environment, our atmosphere, or future generations is the true goal.

Those involved in the Earth Day movement will tell you the long term goal is to move away from the use of harmful, carbon-emitting  fossil fuels, and to make all cities 100 percent renewable. “Going green” as the millennium phrase says.

There are thousands of Earth Day events planned worldwide. Find their website and get more information here.

It’s been said that more than three billion acts of “green” have already been accomplished through this program. That means people recycling, planting trees, and all around just trying to leave little to no carbon footprint. Congrats to all that help on a daily basis. I would be re-missed as “man of science” to, at least, not get the word out to everyone.  Thanks in advance for helping save our planet!

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