New driveway helping to make M-40 safer

Posted at 4:57 PM, Nov 06, 2015

HOLLAND, Mich. - The Tulip City Truck Stop on M-40 just off of I-196 in Holland is a major stop for truck drivers.  It has also been the scene of several bad crashes and fatalities.

It takes 11 seconds for a semi-truck to pull out of the driveway, into the northbound lanes of M-40.  Several ideas of road changes were proposed, but a simple one was made to help the situation.

An access drive takes trucks behind the businesses to Interchange Drive and then to M-40. Trucks can make a left turn there at a signal.  The solution was about one third of the cost of a proposed roundabout.

We did see trucks go the wrong way at times, but MDOT says the changes include a learning curve and truck drivers will figure out the safer way around.