New 911 audio sheds more light on deadly shooting

Posted at 5:32 PM, Oct 26, 2015
and last updated 2015-10-26 17:32:13-04

OSHTEMO TOWNSHIP. Mich. – Nearly three weeks after Bryan Bigham was shot and killed at a mobile home park in Kalamazoo County, no charges have been issued against the man who shot him.

The shooting followed an October 6 altercation between Bigham, 27, and his girlfriend, who was at a friend’s trailer home inside the Woodland Estates Mobile Park. According to witnesses, Bigham was clearly intoxicated when he arrived at the home to see his girlfriend. When she refused to go with him, friends at the home helped remove Bigham, but Bigham didn’t leave.

Newly released 911 audio obtained by FOX17 details what happened next. The caller, who was the owner of the mobile home, says Bigham is hanging around outside the home. Local dispatchers send police units out to the park, but moments later the caller frantically indicates shots have been fired.

Those shots came from a neighbor who heard the altercation and, armed with a firearm, stepped outside to help. He spotted Bigham hiding behind a nearby shed and as Bigham charged towards him, the neighbor fired, hitting the Bigham, who later died from his injuries at Borgess Hospital.

No charges have been filed against the neighbor who fired the gun. He was taken into custody for a brief time but was released.

Anyone with information on this investigation is being asked to call the Kalamazoo County Sheriff’s Department at 269-383-8723.