Ottawa Co. deputy gets props on Facebook for helping motorist

Posted at 9:25 AM, Jul 24, 2015
and last updated 2015-07-25 07:34:21-04

UPDATE:  The Ottawa County Sheriff's Office is getting a lot of social media attention this week thanks to one of their Deputies.

On a busy Interstate, the last thing you want to do is break down.
Ottawa County Sheriff’s Deputy Brad Bennett said, “Anytime we have a call like that on the highway, we tend to try and act quickly.”
Gabrielle White shared a Facebook post documenting her family’s ordeal. Enter Deputy Bennett.
He said, “They told me they were out of gas, and we were pretty near Coopersville, so I asked them if they would like a ride to the gas station."
Gabrielle capturing the moment on Snapchat.

Deputy Bennet said, “We got gas and proceeded to go back to the vehicle, put gas in it, and that was that."

But that wasn't that. When the car wouldn’t start, Deputy Bennett knew what he had to do next.

He said, “What we did was, we towed that car up to the McDonald’s there and waited with them till they had a plan in place."

That meant piling the White family in the back of his cruiser and having some laughs along the way.

Deputy Bennett said, “They were a little discouraged that they were in that situation,  so whatever we can do to make light of a situation, we try to do too."

Some might say Deputy Bennett went beyond the call of duty that day, but he see’s it differently.

“This is pretty common for us, I mean we pride ourselves in customer service and do everything we can to get a good final result, and at this time, this was the best possible result we could come up with.”

And after more than 800 shares on Facebook alone, Deputy Bennett is glad this shows  just a glimpse of what he and his other Deputies do each and every day.

“They were appreciative of the ride, but I explained to them, that it was no big deal, we can do this all the time for you if you need it, so we had a good time, it was fun!."

OTTAWA COUNTY, Mich. - An Ottawa County Sheriff's deputy is becoming a hit on social media Friday morning after he helped a stranded motorist and her dad Tuesday.

Gabrielle White posted photos and video on her Facebook wall of Officer Bennett filling up their gas tank after they ran out of gas near Coopersville.  According to the post, the officer pulled over and took her dad to the gas station to get gas, then filled the car up for them.  The car didn't start still, so they got the car towed and the officer gave them a ride to their car.  He also stayed with them until they were set.

Gabrielle posts that with so much bad news about cops out there, "the good ones deserve to be on the news too!"

We agree too!