Dirt biker tells of collision with bear

Posted at 9:37 AM, Jul 03, 2015

BALDWIN, Mich. - Many of us have had close calls with deer jumping in front of our cars, but how about a bear jumping out at your motorcycle?

Two local dirt bikers caught their close encounter using a GoPro camera on a recent ride near Baldwin.

It was supposed to be an uneventful day of riding for Chris DeWeerdt and his friend Andrew, but they "barely" made it out in one piece.

"I had bumps and bruises, then a concussion," Chris tells us. "I was in no shape to go anywhere once my adrenaline wore off."

The bear seemed OK too.  He scampered off shortly after the collision, but the duo was worried that "momma bear" might be coming to help, but she never showed.

The video of the collision picked up 25,000 views in the first three weeks and is now over 80,000 views.