Hot on the Internet: Dogs making weird noises

Posted at 10:36 AM, May 01, 2015
and last updated 2015-05-01 10:36:42-04

THE INTERNET -- Over time, the Internet, mainly YouTube, has seen a smattering of videos of dogs making weird noises. Lately, however, there have been enough odd dog sound videos posted to come close to qualifying as a meme.

I believe this recent round of videos was sparked by Ramsey, the talking husky:

Then there were the playing puppies. (Actually, puppies in general are noted for their weird noises, no?)

But Lexi, the boxer, is the poster dog for weird noises recently. As the title of the video says, Lexi could use a little cheese with his whine:

Shortly after, this dog, who gets excited while fishing with his two-legged buddies, made noises:

Naturally, people has to chime in: