Gov. Snyder: ‘Better is not good enough, we need more.’

Posted at 10:50 PM, Jan 20, 2015

LANSING, Mich.-- Governor Snyder opened his Michigan State of the State address with what he calls the successes of 2014. They include the 300-thousand jobs created, and the 2-million more tourists coming to Michigan in the past few years. However, touting the past achievements didn't last long, paving the way for his goals in 2015.

Governor Snyder passionate Tuesday night about a vision he has for the future. He harped on what he likes to call ‘the river of opportunity’

“What's the river of opportunity? It's about creating opportunities of success... and its mission is helping people. Not building government programs that spend,” said Snyder.

Expanding that 'river of opportunity' to more Michiganders includes plans to merge the departments of community health and human services. Snyder also brought to light one thing that's on everyone’s' mind who drives a car in West Michigan.

“When you drive under a bridge and see plywood there, it’s because its keeping concrete from crumbling on your vehicle,” said Snyder.

The Governor says 1 out of 9 bridges in Michigan are structural deficient, and to fix that the governor urges people to do one thing when it comes to the proposed road funding package hitting ballots in a few months.

“In the end what I need you to do is vote yes so we can have safer roads,” he said.

Lastly Snyder has seen a problem in Michigan that's not getting much better.

“There are 60,000 people with a drug problem in Michigan that number has gone up four fold since 1999.”

Snyder is ready to combat those stats.

“I hope to have a comprehensive plan for the drug problem by October.”

Governor Snyder did make mention of other topics like education and job creation. He hopes to push third grade reading level and also have statewide summits on career education.