Two Guys vs. Giant Pike; Pike Loses

Posted at 10:59 AM, May 20, 2014
and last updated 2014-05-20 10:59:09-04
05-20-14 Giant Northern Pike  Dean DeGraaf and Jon Soloway

Giant Northern Pike: Dean DeGraaf and Jon Soloway

CASCADE TOWNSHIP, Mich. — Dean DeGraaf and his cousin, Jon Soloway, had decided to pack it in after a day of bass fishing on the Thornapple River. They didn’t expect to haul in a 36-inch, 10-pound pike.

“We decided to pack it in for the day and troll back to the house,” Dean wrote in an email to FOX 17. “We threw a couple rapala’s off the back of the pontoon boat, and just a couple of minutes later one of the poles was half bent over.”

At first, the pair thought the line had snagged on a log or the bottom, but it turned out a huge northern pike was on the end of the line. It took Dean and Jon 10 minutes to get the fish to their boat and another 10 minutes to get it tired enough they could pull it into the boat.

Then it was picture time.

Dean was generous enough to tell us where the fish was caught: in the Thornapple River just north of I-96.