Dry And Sunny For Memorial Day Weekend?

Posted at 5:18 PM, May 18, 2014
and last updated 2014-05-18 17:18:16-04

WEST MICHIGAN (May 18, 2014) — While we’re still several days away from the upcoming Memorial Day weekend, indications are (right now) that we may be in for a pleasant stretch of weather by that time!

We don’t always get consistency and agreement between our forecast models, but most of them show s “ridge” of high pressure building in to the Great Lakes for next Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Monday? We’ll that may be a different story!

If you’re looking for dry weather and sunshine, high pressure is generally what we need to see over the region. This high pressure, what your barometers at home that measure air pressure, creates sinking air or subsidence. When air is forced to sink, it tends to dry the atmosphere out. It does the opposite duty that low pressure systems do, where air rises, cools, condenses, clouds form, and sometimes precipitation occurs.

The fact that a high pressure system is forecast to be building in to the Great Lakes just in time for the upcoming Memorial Day weekend is just good luck for us. That said, there are indications that we may be seeing showers and thunderstorms on Memorial Day itself.

Don’t forget, this is a forecast and it can change. We’re still several days out! But when you’ve got a few computer forecast weather models agreeing on the same thing that far out, it usually means it will pan out. As for temperatures, we should be between 70 and 75 degrees most of that time.

Take a look at the surface maps from the Weather Prediction Center (below). The first map is valid on Friday. Note the “H” building in to the north-western Great Lakes.


Here’s the next surface map valid on Saturday.


And the last surface map from WPC valid on Sunday. Note the void of any type of weather systems in the region.


Be sure to stay updated all week so you can plan accordingly. Click over to for the complete West Michigan forecast.