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Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half

Posted at 6:43 AM, Nov 22, 2013
and last updated 2013-11-22 08:16:59-05

HAMILTON, Mich.- Five years ago, when baby number three was on the way and there was only going to be 13 months apart from her second child, Lauren Ortiz of Hamilton tried to find ways to save money. She quickly learned that there weren’t really any websites that focused on West Michigan savings opportunities, or at least the places that she loved to shop.

“Originally I started out at GRCC (Grand Rapids Community College) doing a nursing course and I started savingaddiction.comat the same time because our family. We were growing suddenly, with the children we were having and so we really needed to save money.” 27 year-old Ortiz said. Currently, the need is even more as the Ortiz family proudly includes five children.

Along with her best friend Giselle, the two started Saving Addiction as a blog, but learned they could make money from advertisers. This whole adventure has allowed Lauren to be a stay at home mom, while running

The site focuses on places like Meijer all the way to CVS and Walgreens.

“We teach you that you will be able to save if you follow our strategies, at least 50 percent.” Lauren added. Lauren and Giselle share those strategies with the community, by holding coupon classes around the area. However, with Giselle just welcoming twins, that is on hold for the moment. However, they are looking to start them back up in the spring.

You can click-through the website to find your own deals or you can sign for daily emails that will spell it all out for you along with providing additional needed coupons. Saving Addiction is also on Facebook.

Lauren and Giselle use the proceeds they make from the site along with additional free items they receive, to run a food truck in Holland. They also give a little extra to those in need at Christmas, especially Toys for Tots.

If you have ways to be a savvy shopper, be sure to email me: and follow me on Twitter, @fox17deals.