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Former FOX 17 Pay it Forward Challenge Winner In Need of Help

Posted at 4:15 PM, Nov 08, 2013
and last updated 2013-11-08 19:36:54-05

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich.,– Three years ago, Kathy Post took third place in the first ever FOX 17 “Pay it Forward Challenge”. Now, she’s in need of the community to help pay it forward to her.

Post entered the challenge in November 2010 and decided use her $200 dollars to help the group “Carol’s Ferals” rescue and spay/neuter dozens of cats. She also donated her $2,000 thousand dollar prize money to the group.

“It worked, [Carol’s Ferals] got a lot of recognition after the pay it forward, it did nothing but help them,” she said.

But a lot has changed for the longtime cat-lover since then. Post, who was diagnosed with cancer in May, says the condition has taken a toll on her health and also taken away her independence.

“It’s a rare cancer called LMS, it’s a sarcoma,” explained Post. “I have a plum sized tumor in my left leg and it’s really inoperable at this time…It’s also spread to my lungs…With this type of cancer, there’s no cure,it’s just prolonging your life.”

Although Post is undergoing chemotherapy, her condition has made driving to her appointments– or anywhere else– impossible.

“I have a stick, a car that has a clutch, and my tumor is in my left leg, and it’s painful for me to push the clutch,” said Post. “I’m pretty much home bound.”

Post, who is always lending a helping hand, is now in need of help. She’s hoping the people in the community that will also find it in their hearts to give back.

Nearby Stehouwer Auto Sales, Inc. has agreed to help pitch in some money and create a fund to raise the amount needed to get Post a car with an automatic transmission. Now, Post is hoping others will also pitch in.

“I could be independent, I could actually go to the store by myself, to my appointments by myself”, she said. “If people can just find it in their hearts to help me… I try to do what I can for people.”

“It’s the right thing to do,” said Brian Spendow, an employee at Stehouwer Auto Sales. “She needs a car that will not only allow her to drive it…but probably have a little more room if she ever has a need for a wheelchair.”

He added, “If we had the ability to just hand a car over, we would have done that.”

Post is still fighting to help rescue cats in the meantime. She’s currently working with a new group called “Keeper Kitties” in Wayland.

“I figure that if everything that God had planned for me is done, I’ve made a difference in the world,” said Post. “Even if it’s just for cats, then it’s just for cats, because someone’s got to speak for them.”

If you’d like to donate to help Post, you can contact Stehouwer Auto Sales at 616-455-7000 or click here for more information.