Another Soggy Mid-Week Appears Imminent

Posted at 6:49 PM, Nov 03, 2013
and last updated 2013-11-03 18:49:51-05

WEST MICHIGAN – So it appears as if we’ll have a repeat performance this week of last week’s weather. Remember the appreciable rain we had both Wednesday and Thursday? Between one to two inches of rain fell across much of the area. Now, another low pressure system tracking up from the south/west will move directly over Michigan on Wednesday and bring plenty of moisture from the Gulf of Mexico with it.

The attached snapshot is from one of our computer forecast models valid about 1:00 PM on Wednesday afternoon. Note the position of the “L” or low pressure storm system over Wisconsin. All the purple on the map is accumulated precipitation, and the blue and green denote heavier precipitation from Michigan to the south/west. Like last week, we will remain on the front side of this system which is where the warmer air is located. That means all of our precipitation will be liquid, or rain. A few wet snowflakes may mix in behind this system later Thursday as colder air filters in and we see some lake-effect, but overall no accumulating snow is likely if this system maintains its current track.

While it can be a little hard to see, notice an outline of the United States on the snapshot. Also similar to the last rainmaker from last week, this system will dominate the weather map affecting everybody from the Great Lakes to Texas with substantial rain. The best threat of any severe weather will remain (again) to our south. We can also expect conditions to become a bit breezy on Wednesday, then turn windy Wednesday night in to Thursday as the cold front sweeps across the state. In fact, I would expect (again) Gale Warnings to be posted for Lake Michigan.

Just like last week’s system, it too appears to be an almost all day rain (or total washout) for much of Wednesday. Don’t forget the umbrella!

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