Cooler Drier Air Mass Is On The Way

Posted at 9:25 AM, Jul 23, 2013

WEST MICHIGAN — After some warm, sticky air hanging around the Great Lakes over the last day or so, a cold front blasting through the state Tuesday morning will provide some welcome relief. The front generated clouds and a few showers in the morning, but will act as a broom to sweep the clouds and precip east by mid-day.

The attached snapshot shows dew point temperatures across the Midwest. These temperatures are a measure of moisture in the air. The higher the temp, the more moisture or stickier it feels. When dew point temps reach the mid/upper 60s, the humidity in the air is certainly evident. Notice the lower dew point temperatures off to the north and west. By Tuesday afternoon, we’ll be tapping a breezy northwest wind funneling in the more tolerable air mass. Highs will range from 75 to 80 degrees and most of the moisture (humidity) will be removed from the region.

In fact, an overall cooler pattern is taking shape for much of this upcoming week. Our highs this weekend will probably only make the mid 70s as an upper level trough and upper level low pressure system set up shop over the Great Lakes.

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