Few Lingering Showers This Evening

Posted at 3:01 PM, Jun 10, 2013
and last updated 2013-06-10 15:01:56-04

WEST MICHIGAN – The attached snapshot of radar as of Monday afternoon shows a few showers, some steady in yellow, mainly across our southern counties. There is no lightning associated with these, but a low pressure area over the southwest portion of the state is spinning the rain back to the north and west.

While I would anticipate most of our FOX 17 viewing area remaining dry this evening and overnight, rain showers will likely persist through part of the evening hours south of Grand Rapids. As the low pulls away from the area, look for clouds to remain but most of the wet weather to go with it.

Dew point temperatures (a measure of moisture in the air) have been running in the mid 60s today. Higher dew point temps mean more moisture in the air. We can usually feel that in the form of humidity or stickiness. The air will be slightly drier on Tuesday.

West Michigan is in a slight risk of severe weather development on Wednesday, mainly from Grand Rapids south. There will be a front stalled just south/west of our area which will be the focal point for storm generation. Make sure to stay up on later forecasts. You can always get the complete FOX 17 forecast along with plenty of other resources by going to