List Of Flooded Roads In Kent County Shrinks A Little

Posted at 7:32 AM, Apr 23, 2013
and last updated 2013-04-23 07:32:10-04

Water over road sign 3GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — The latest list of roads closed by high water was a bit shorter for Tuesday.

The Kent County Road Commission says the list is subject to change at any time as conditions change for the better:


  • 15 Mile from Stout to Shaner (impassable) access address 6610 from west and 6645 from east
  • 19 Mile between Penny and Force (impassable) access address 11385 from west and 11470 from east
  • Tisdel from 20 Mile Rd and 21 Mile Rd (impassable)
  • Mowry from Lehman to Tisdel (impassable)
  • Ashley from 7 Mile Rd to M-44


  • Canright & Briggs
  • 4 Mile & Briggs
  • Forest Ridge & Coit
  • West River Dr & Abrigador Trail
  • West River Center & Abrigador Trail
  • West River Dr & St Lawrence
  • West River Dr & Karcher Dr
  • Jupiter & Konkle
  • West River & Indian
  • Indian & River Point
  • Walnut Park & Northland Dr
  • Willow Dr & Bailey Park
  • Willow Dr & Canright
  • Shady Dr & Knapp St
  • Reeds Lake Blvd from Duchess to Manhattan
  • Reeds Lake Bvd from East Beltline to Hall
  • Michigan from Twin Lakes to Crahen


  • Vergennes between Parnell & Boynton
  • 36th St between Quiggle & Cherry Lane
  • 68th from Wingeier to Pratt Lake
  • 64th from Pratt Lake to Montcalm
  • 66th St from Whitneyville to McCords
  • 108th St from Morse Lake to Moe St
  • 2 Mile Rd from Alden Nash Ave to Murray Lake Ave
  • 4 Mile Rd from McCabe to Boynton
  • Pratt Lake from 68th St to 64th St
  • 68th St from Pratt Lake to Montcalm
  • Ada Dr from Headley to M-21
  • McPherson from Alden Nash Ave to Parnell
  • Jackson St from M-21 to Grand River
  • Grand River Dr from Jackson to Montcalm
  • Causeway Dr
  • Division north of Oberly
  • McCords from 68th St to 76th St
  • Thornapple River Dr from Buttrick to Ada Dr

Southwest Complex

  • 92nd St from Ivanrest to Byron Center