Four Spots Along The Grand To Reach Record Flood Stage

Posted at 8:59 PM, Apr 20, 2013
and last updated 2013-04-21 11:04:01-04

WEST MICHIGAN – The Grand River is the longest running river in Michigan. It covers more than 250 miles as it snakes from Hillsdale and Jackson Counties through Lansing, Ionia, Kent, and Ottawa Counties before dumping out at Grand Haven in Lake Michigan.

While the water levels along it are quite high, there are four river points in our FOX 17 viewing area along it that are seeing or will see record flooding because of the rain. While major flooding is occurring at the Ionia fairgrounds and other nearby areas, the flooding is considered moderate and the river has essentially already crested there at 24.7 feet. Flood stage is 21 feet.

The Grand River at Lowell will see record flooding as it crests between 19 and 2o feet Sunday morning. Flood stage is 15 feet.

The Grand River at Ada is seeing record flooding and will crest on Sunday morning between 22.5 and 23.5 feet. Flood stage is 20 feet.

Major flooding is occurring and record flooding is forecast along the Grand River at Comstock Park. The river will crest at about 18 feet late Sunday evening. Flood stage is 12 feet.

Record flooding is occurring and is forecast in downtown Grand Rapids as the river is expected to reach between 21 and 23 feet early Monday morning. Flood stage is 18 feet.

Moderate flooding is occurring and major flooding is forecast along the Grand in Ottawa County in Robinson Township. The river will crest about 18 feet early Tuesday morning. Flood stage is 13.3 feet.

This is unprecedented flooding to say the least! Make sure to send us your weather/flooding photos and information to

There are other areas/rivers/counties under flood warnings, but these are clearly the worst for flooding. You can always get the latest river information by connecting to the National Weather Service hydrology page here.

The attached photo was submitted by Roger Pashby of flooding on the Thornapple River at the Mckeowen Road Bridge between Nashville and Hastings.

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